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  1. Parrot Swing Shells + Screws

    Shells for Parrot Swing With this set of 4 shells for Parrot Swing, you are ready for your mission!Includes 1 upper shell, 1 lower shell, 1 head, 1 mask.Supplied with 11 screws.

  2. Motor A & C + Black Arms + Parrot SWING screws

    Motor A for Parrot SwingThe 'A' (Anticlockwise) motor turns in an anticlockwise direction.The motors are positioned on the Front Right and Rear Left parts: 'A' ...

  3. Motors A & C + White Arm + Parrot SWING screws

    Motor A (Anti-clockwise) and motor C (Clockwise) + Parrot Swing shock absorbers  ...

  4. MiniDrones3 Battery

    /*-->*/ Rechargeable 550mAh LiPo battery for Parrot MiniDrones. For longer flying and rolling times! Compatible with Parrot Mambo, Parrot Swing and Jumping, Airborne and Hydrof ...



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