eBee SQ Pix4Dag Edition

The advanced agricultural drone for aerial crop analysis

1-year Pix4Dag license included

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eBee SQ Pix4Dag Edition

The complete agricultural drone solution for aerial crop analysis

The eBee SQ is the most efficient, large-coverage agricultural drone on the market. This automatic solution can cover hundreds of acres in a single flight - up to 10 times more than quadcopter drones. The eBee SQ is built around Parrot’s ground-breaking Sequoia camera, which captures accurate multispectral data across four bands, plus visible RGB imagery, for efficient crop monitoring and analysis. It also includes a free 1-year Pix4Dag license, allowing you to cover your images into accurate reflectance maps, index maps like NDVI, machine-readable application maps, and high-resolution RGB orthomosaics. Pix4Dag’s advanced offline processing allows you to do all this privately when and where you want, or easily process and share on the cloud, only when you need to. Personal Support included for the duration of the license.

  • Multispectral data

    4 separate bands

  • Large


  • Processing and sharing

    Desktop + Cloud

  • Radiometrically Accurate

    Index Maps


The eBee SQ is built around Parrot’s ground-breaking Sequoia camera.
This fully-integrated and highly precise multispectral sensor captures data across four spectral bands, plus visible RGB imagery—in just one flight.
> Highly precise
> 4 multispectral bands
> + RGB data
> In 1 flight
With this precise data, in combination with Pix4Dag, you can generate accurate index maps and use these to create high quality application maps— carefully optimising crop treatments to improve production quality, boost yields & reduce costs.


Large coverage for optimal efficiency


The eBee SQ can cover hundreds of acres in a single flight—up to 10 times more ground than quadcopter drones—for extremely efficient crop monitoring and analysis. This means fewer flights in total, for less time spent collecting data and more time acting on it.

> Larger coverage
> Fewer flights
> Less time collecting data 
> More time to acting on it





The eBee SQ is compatible with your existing FMIS, ag machinery and workflow. There is no need to reinvent how you work.


















Pix4Dag: Aerial Crop Analysis

  • Easy workflow. Automated processing templates for agriculture maps.
  • Desktop + Cloud processing. Work where and when you want.
  • Index Calculator. Generate index maps, like NDVI, and convert them into application maps for farm machinery.
  • Integrate + Collaborate. Application maps in industry standard formats. Share NDVI maps directly from your browser, without compromising privacy.
  • Radiometric Accuracy. Optimal results from Ag-designed multispectral cameras.

Emotion Ag : your AG drone control centre

Developed specifically for the agricultural market, eMotion Ag is senseFly’s easy-to-use drone flight and data management software. It allows you to import field boundaries direct from your farm management information system, supports multi-field eBee SQ flights, and offers the direct uploading of Sequoia images to Pix4D’s ag software solution to create machine-readable application maps.

eBee SQ Pix4Dag Edition

Digital, easy and optimized agriculture for your fields

  • eBee SQ drone
  • eMotion Ag software (eBee SQ flight planning & monitoring solution)
  • Parrot Sequoia (incl. Sunshine Sensor)
  • Pair of detachable wings
  • One 2.4GHz USB radio modem for data link (incl. cables)
  • Two eBee SQ batteries & charger
  • Two spare eBee SQ propellers
  • Ten spare eBee SQ rubber bands
  • One Remote control (in case a safety pilot is required)
  • User Manuals
  • Hard shell eBee SQ case (with space for all material)
  • 1-year Pix4Dag license (Desktop and Cloud processing)

Technical specifications

  • Ebee drone

      • GENERAL :

        • Weight: 1.1 kg (2.42 lb)
        • Motor : Low-noise, brushless, electric
        • Radio link range : 3 km nominal (up to 8 km in ideal conditions) / 1.86 mi (up to 4.97 mi in ideal conditions)
        • Detachable wings
      • SOFTWARE :

        • Flight planning & control software (supplied) : eMotion Ag
      • OPERATION :

        • Automatic 3D flight planning
        • Cruise speed : 40-110 km/h (11-30 m/s or 25-68 mph)
        • Wind resistance : up to 45 km/h (12 m/s or 28 mph)
        • Maximum flight time : 55 minutes
        • Automatic linear landing with ~5 m (16.4 ft) accuracy
        • Hand launch (no catapult required)
        • Ground control points (GCPs) : Optional
      • RESULTS :

        • Max single-flight coverage at 120 m (400 ft) flight altitude above ground level: 200 ha (~500 ac) (up to 250ha / ~620ac when reconstructed in Pix4DAg)
        • GSD multispectral at 120 m (400 ft): 12 cm/px (4.72 in/px)
        • GSD RGB at 120 m (400 ft) : 3.1 cm/px (1.22 in/px)
  • Parrot Sequoia

      • 16 MPIX RGB CAMERA :

        • Definition: 4608x3456 pixels
        • HFOV: 63.9
        • VFOV: 50.1
        • DFOV: 73.5

        • Definition: 1280x960 pixels
        • HFOV: 70.6
        • VFOV: 52.6
        • DFOV: 89.6
      • 4 SEPARATE BANDS :

        • Green (550 BP 40)
        • Red (660 BP 40)
        • Red Edge (735 BP 10)
        • Near infrared (790 BP 40)

        • 59mm x 41mm x 28mm
        • 72 g (2.5 oz)
        • Up to 1 fps
        • 64 GB built-in storage
        • IMU & magnetometer
        • 5 W (~12 W peak)

        • 4 spectral sensors (same filters as body)
        • GPS
        • IMU & magnetometer
        • SD Card slot
        • 47mm x 39.6mm x 18.5mm
        • 35 g (1.2 oz)
        • 1 W

      • SOFTWARE :

        • Pix4Dag software (1-year Pix4Dag license)
        • Windows 7, 8, 10 (Mac OS X 10.11 Beta)
        • Any CPU (Intel i5/ i7/ Xeon recommended)
        • Any GPU that is compatible with OpenGL 3.2.

        • Windows 7, 8, 10, Server 2008, Server 2012, 64 bits (PC or Mac computers using Boot Camp)
        • Any CPU (Intel i5/ i7/ Xeon recommended)
        • Any GPU that is compatible with OpenGL 3.2. (integrated graphic cards Intel HD 4000 or above)
        • Small projects (under 100 images at 14 MP): 4 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD Free Space
        • Medium projects (between 100 and 500 images at 14 MP): 8 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Free Space
        • Large projects (between 500 and 2000 images at 14 MP): 16 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD Free Space
        • Very Large projects (over 2000 images at 14 MP): 16 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD Free Space

        • Windows 7, 8, 10 64 bits
        • CPU quad-core or hexa-core Intel i7/Xeon
        • GeForce GPU compatible with OpenGL 3.2 and 2 GB RAM
        • Hard disk: SSD
        • Small projects (under 100 images at 14 MP): 8 GB RAM, 15 GB SSD Free Space
        • Medium projects (between 100 and 500 images at 14 MP): 16GB RAM, 30 GB SSD Free Space
        • Large projects (over 500 images at 14 MP): 32 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD Free Space
        • Very Large projects (over 2000 images at 14 MP): 32 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD Free Space

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