Corporate Governance

Parrot is a French-law limited company ("société anonyme") with a Board of Directors, notably governed by the provisions of Book II of the French commercial code and Decree 67-236 of March 23, 1967.


Parrot refers to the recommendations from the MiddleNext governance code for small and mid-caps companies.


Parrot's Board of Directors comprises 9 members. It is chaired by Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot, as well as 4 men directors and 4 women directors. To date, 6 members of the board are independent.


At an operational level, the management team comprises ten key managers in charge of the Group's operational management (R & D, Sales and Marketing, Production and Purchasing, Finance, HR, etc.), supplemented by the managers of the commercial drone subsidiaries.


The Annual Registration Document specifies in particular the detailed information on:


  • the governance of Parrot (Chapter 14 - Administrative, Management, Supervisory and Executive bodies)
  • the functioning of the board of directors, the specialized committees and the details and application of the recommendations of the MiddleNext Governance Code (Chapter 16 - Administrative and Management body Operations)
  • information on the compensation of the executive officers and corporate officers (Chapter 15 - Compensation and Benefits)
  • the management chart and the bonus share / stock option allocation policy (Chapter 17 - Employees)

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