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Companies & associates

The Parrot group is comprised of outstanding companies and interests in commercial drones, covering equipments and softwares. Its expert capabilities are focused primarily on three vertical markets: (i) 3D Mapping, Surveying and Inspection, (ii) Defense and Security and (iii) agriculture.


With recognized brands, expert management and complementary positioning, the companies and associates focus on the development of their commercial activities, jointly or independently addressing the needs of professionals, businesses, major groups, and governements as well as the rest of the drone industry.


Parrot Drones is dedicated to the professional microdrone business. The company is focused on a range of high-tech, lightweight drones, combining performance and multi-capabilities with an international commercial organization managed out of France and client services with global capabilities.

Pix4D dominates the market for drone modelling software with Pix4Dmapper. With industry-leading European R&D and a strong international presence, the company has developed a diverse range of solutions (mobile, desktop, cloud, SaaS, business) for different sectors (inspection, mapping, construction, agriculture), meeting the needs of +50.000 users.


The minority interests are Iconem, which is contributing to the digital conservation of the world’s architectural heritage, and Dendra Systems, which is working to support reforestation; they both illustrate the benefits of drones for conservation and sustainable development. As well as Chouette Vision, a company developing drone-based vine monitoring solutions. Parrot also holds interest in Sky Hero, a company developing into the security and defense space.