Partner Solutions

Explore the solutions the SDK delivers for ANAFI USA & ANAFI Ai

Parrot is committed to facilitating the integration of drones by developing solutions with partners in the drone ecosystem. We offer an SDK (Software Development Kit) that adds features which enhance user experience, enable extended deeper use cases & integration.

To offer a truly wide range of drone solutions, we leverage our global network of partners, boosting our drone capabilities through their expertise. From software for battlefield awareness, and beyond-visual-line-of-sight flights to hardware for automated deployments, distraction tactics, and advanced lighting. These partnerships expand Parrot's ANAFI USA & ANAFI Ai capabilities and empower their users to go further.

By enhancing compatibility with third-party applications & hardware, Parrot believes that it has the widest ecosystem of partners, with more than 60 Specialist Solution Partners globally, providing 22 categories of solutions.



Parrot Specialist Solution Categories