Solutions offered by our partners

Parrot approved training on the ANAFI range of drones, as well as custom training for Defense, Public Safety, and SWAT teams.


Skyfire offers world-class drone solutions for critical sectors and industry professionals. Skyfire has worked with Parrot by providing training and regulatory solutions for customers using the ANAFI USA.

Unmanned Safety Institute

USI is a training institute for UAS pilots, tied to the industry with many state and federal certifications for UAS Safety operations. USI is using the ANAFI USA as their preferred stage 1 training system, where hundreds of pilots learn to operate drones every year.

Sinclair National UAS Training & Certification Center

Sinclair University boasts an exceptional UAS training program that seamlessly integrates both in-person, and virtual augmented reality experiences. Each semester, Sinclair adeptly trains a cohort of 20 to 100 individuals on a diverse range of Parrot drone systems.

Influential Drones

Influential Drones is an integration company, focused on providing exceptional value to those who seek to leverage mobile robotic systems. Their primary specialty is in aviation, and uncrewed platforms.