Parrot (FR0004038263 - PARRO) is listed on the French stock exchange, Euronext Paris, since June 2006. This section is dedicated to investors and shareholders.


Parrot is Europe's leading commercial UAV group. With a strong international presence, the Group designs, develops and markets a complementary range of micro-UAV equipment and image analysis software dedicated to companies, large groups and governments. Its offer is mainly centred on three vertical markets: (i) Inspection, 3D mapping and Geomatics, (ii) Defence and security, and (iii)Precision agriculture.

Its ANAFI range of micro UAVs, recognized for their performance, robustness and ease of use, features an open source architecture and meets the highest safety standards. Its software suite for mobile and drone mapping is based on advanced expertise in photogrammetry and offers solutions tailored to the specificities of the verticals it addresses.

The Parrot Group, founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, designs and develops its products in Europe, mainly in Paris, where its headquarters are located, and in Switzerland. Today, it has over 500 employees worldwide and carries out the vast majority of its sales internationally.

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