We developed the ANAFI platform to be versatile, open and collaborative.


We strongly believe partnerships are the key to develop the drone ecosystem, for consumers and professionals.

Enterprise loan program


As a professional, we understand that you need the best tools for your work. We developed the ANAFI platform for that purpose.


If you want to test our platform in your work environment, we have created the Enterprise Loan Program.


Selected partners will receive a complete set of hardware (drone, controller, batteries) and software (piloting app, SDK documentation, third party apps and services), to discover the full capabilities of the Anafi platform, and how it can be integrated in their business.

Developer program

Build your apps and services for ANAFI

ANAFI come with a fully documented Software Development Kit.


With the SDK, you will be able to create custom designed Ground Control Station, work with both streamed and recorded videos, read flight metadata, export complete flights logs, and more. You will also be able to test your application in a fully simulated environment.


Once your application or service works with our platform, we will work together on the deployment and the business aspects.

Marketing opportunities

Let's hear your story!

If you have a great story or a great project, we would like to hear from you!


We partner with professional media creators, editors, influencers, but also with NGO, researchers and so on!


If you think we can collaborate on a project, involving the ANAFI platform, please contact us and describe your idea as much as possible.