Drone Stations & Nests

Solutions offered by our partners

Drone-in-a-box solutions with automated flight missions and planning.


Leader in drone-in-a-box System Design and Deployment, Hextronics is an engineering group that provides products for drone autonomy. The Hextronics Universal Nest is designed to house and recharge the industry's most powerful drones for commercial, government, and enterprise operators, including the ANAFI USA and ANAFI Ai.


Quaze offers Drone Swarm Tactical Overwatch, allowing you to elevate your autonomous drone operations, and enhance persistent surveillance missions with their cutting-edge dstow® solutions.


Herotech8 provides automatic drone solutions for the surveillance of sensitive sites, and automated inspection of utilities and infrastructure sites, with advanced mission planning through their API software. Their nest is now adapted to Parrot ANAFI USA (ANAFI Ai future upgrade).


This partnership allows producers to use Parrot ANAFI range of drones as an automated surveillance solution that can be deployed and charged from a lightweight docking & charging station, and easily integrated into existing security systems and networks.