Drone Orchestration

Solutions offered by our partners

Local and remote piloting, drone automation and orchestration, comprehensive situational awareness tool, live streaming to anywhere in the world.


VOTIX is a cloud platform that automates drone operations so you can manage missions, resources and data, stream real-time flight videos to anyone, and fly drones remotely and autonomously from anywhere. VOTIX automates Parrot's missions, providing BVLOS operations, precision landing, and drone-in-a-box integration.


Dimetor offers digital flight planning and risk management tools, enabling BVLOS drone operations in mobile networks.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions offers CAPE for law enforcement drone video & flight control. This software is powered by three software applications designed to pilot a local drone, take command of an in-flight drone from anywhere, and watch livestreaming video.


UAVIA and Parrot are democratizing 4G autonomous drones by interconnecting the Parrot ANAFI Ai with UAVIA UA Cast Robotics Platform.
The platform allows users to conduct local and remote piloting, livestream to anywhere in the world, capture and manage drone video, and manage flight data.

High Lander

High Lander provides drone fleets with autonomous flight, intelligent airspace control, and coordinated air continuity through its Mission Control platform. The platform addresses the needs of first responders, and rescue teams, but also for surveillance and mapping missions.