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Parrot Hydrofoil

Battery + Charger - Parrot MiniDrones3

Battery charger pack and an extra battery ...

22,99 €

4x White Propellers Airborne & Hydrofoil

Four plastic propellers specially designed for Parrot Airborne Cargo, Airborne Night and Hydrofoil minidrones. ...

4,99 €

Parrot Play Accessory Pack

The Parrot Flypad lets you fly your minidrone with greater precision. Connect it to your smartphone to keep tabs on flight info. Get back in the air in no time with the included b ...

  • Range

    up to 60 m

  • Precise


  • Direct


61,99 €49,59 €

'A' (Anticlockwise) motor + Damper for Airborne & Hydrofoil

'A' motor for Parrot Airborne Cargo/Night and Hydrofoil minidrones. ...

7,99 €

Smartphone holder for Flypad

This smartphone holder attaches to your Flypad and allows you to fly with complete peace of mind. You don't have to worry about holding it in your hand.

9,99 €

Airborne & Hydrofoil C (Clockwise) Motor + Damper

C motor for Parrot Airborne Night and Cargo and Hydrofoil minidrones. ...

7,99 €





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