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Thanks to PARROT BEBOP 2 POWER's built-in GPS and the Flight Plan app available as an in-app purchase in the FreeFlight Pro app, planning your flights on a map is a breeze!



Before discovering the "Flight Plan" flight mode, be sure to download the FreeFlight Pro app.


How to install Flight Plan  


Flight Plan is available on the App Store or Google Play as a FreeFlight Pro in-app purchase: you can download Flight Plan from FreeFlight Pro. This is done by launching FreeFlight Pro and going to Menu > Flight Plan.




Pre-flight checks


Before you fly your drone, check its condition and check for any updates to the regulations. (Links to the information documents)




Presentation of the main screen




1 - Go back to the previous screen

2 - Lock/Unlock flight plan editing

3 - Add events (take a picture, landing, etc.)

4 - Name of the flight plan being created

5 - Drone model used

6 - Center the map on your GPS position

7 - Change the map mode

8 - Open the flight plan directory

9 - Compass

10 - Undo the last action

11 - Redo the last action undone

12 - Change the speed of a connection

13 - Start the current flight plan

14 - Edit the altitude of a waypoint




How to change the map mode

To change the map mode, press the FP-06.PNG button in the upper right of your screen. A dropdown list appears.

The following modes are available:




The satellite image of the area appears.



The map of the area appears.



The satellite image of the area appears with place names.






How to create a flight plan


An internet connection is required to display the map. If your flight plan is in an area without internet access, define and save your flight plan beforehand.  To save the map data, do not clear the cache on your smartphone.

NB: Make sure that there are no obstacles on your entire route.


A flight plan consists of several waypoints. To create a flight plan, you must determine several waypoints for your drone.


  1. Press on the map.

  2. A waypoint appears on the map.

  3. FP-01.PNG

  4. The number in the center of the waypoint represents the drone's altitude.

  5. The white arrow represents the orientation of the drone's camera.

  6. Press the screen again to create other waypoints

  7. FP-02.PNG

  8. The order of the waypoints appears in small numbers on each waypoint.

  9. A link is automatically created between each waypoint.

  10. Once you have completed your flight plan, press and hold the last waypoint.  

  11. > A pop-up menu appears.

  12. FP-03.PNG

  13. Select CLOSE.

  14. > Your flight plan has been created.

  • To undo the last action, press FP-04.PNG.

  • To reopen the flight plan, press and hold OPEN.

NB: For smooth video quality, maintain a distance of at least 5 minutes between each waypoint.




How to launch a flight plan

Warning: Before starting a flight plan, make sure there are no obstacles on the flight plan's route.


The flight parameters defined in FreeFlight Pro (speed, distances, default modes) do not apply in Flight Plan.


  1. Connect the drone to FreeFlight Pro.

  2. Wait until the GPS icon at the bottom of the screen turns green. This means that the GPS has registered the starting position.

  3. In the FreeFlight Pro app, go to Flight Plan and press the FP-09.PNG icon in the upper right of your screen.

  4. FP-12.PNG

  5. > Your flight plans appear.

  6. Select the flight plan you want to start and press LOAD. You can launch:

  7. a saved flight plan.

  8. a flight plan under construction.

  9. Press the FP-10.PNG icon in the lower left of your screen.

  10. FP-11.PNG


If the drone is already flying, it goes towards the first waypoint. If the drone is on the ground, it automatically takes off and goes towards the first waypoint.




NB: If the Wi-Fi connection between the drone and your smartphone is lost, the drone continues its journey. If the GPS signal of the drone is lost, it switches to stationary mode until it receives a valid GPS signal.





Point of interest

This option allows the drone to carry out its flight plan while filming a precise point. For this, you must create one or more points of interests (POI) and associate them with one or more segments of your flight plan.


How to create a Point of Interest

Define one or more POIs when creating your flight plan.


  1. Press and hold a point on the map to bring up a list of options.

  2. POI_01.PNG

  3. Select Point of interest.

  4. > The POI appears on your flight plan.

  5. POI_02.PNG

  6. Press POI03.PNG to lock the POI.

  7. Press the POI to select it.

  8. Select the segment (line between two waypoints) on the flight plan that you want to assign it to. This directs the drone's camera towards the POI on the segment.

  9. NB: you cannot associate two consecutive flight segments to two different POIs. However, you can change the orientation of the last waypoint associated with the POI.

  10. Press POI03.PNG.

  11. > Arrows in the color of the POI appear on the segment. They indicate the orientation of the drone's camera on the segment.

  12. POI_03.PNG

NB: you can create as many POIs as needed for the flight plan.



How to edit a Point of Interest

To change a POI, you must be in edit or unlock mode POI04.PNG.

You can:

  • Move the POI on your flight plan. To do this, press the POI you want to move and reposition it on your flight plan.

  • Change the altitude of the POI. To do this, select your POI, change its altitude on the right of your screen and press. A dropdown list appears.


Update : 22/05/2019
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