Parrot Mambo Code

I learn to code and own my next mission

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Parrot Mambo Code

Coding a drone with Tynker is child's play

Code and fly like a pro with the Parrot Mambo Code. This kit includes the minidrone and a 6 months subscription to Tynker. Learn to code as you program your Mambo to fire its Cannon, grasp objects with its Grabber, and take evasive maneuvers. No experience with coding or flying drones is required!


  • Code


  • Shoot


  • Program

    Flight Path

  • Grabs

    Small objects

Command your minidrone with code!

Code this minidrone's Cannon and Grabber to swing into action.

Learn to program your Mambo to make extreme maneuvers, transport items through the air, and take on aerial combat all with the power of your code.

Command the sky as you learn to code with Tynker's fun and easy to use visual programming language and tablet app.


Learn to Code with TYNKER

A 6 months subscription to Tynker's courses is included with your Parrot Mambo Code kit. With over 15 self-paced online courses, kids begin experimenting with visual blocks, then progress to text-based coding as they design games, mod Minecraft, and fly minidrones!

Tynker app is available on computers, tablets and smartphones.



Exciting flights and aerobatics!

Reverse, rotate, flip in both directions and even perform a magical take-off from your hand: all maneuvers are possible with Tynker's code blocks. You're at the hem, so enjoy the thrills and code your Mambo to avoid obstacles, slalom between posts or be the fastest pilot. Or attach the Grabber and program your Mambo to pick up objects (up to 4g) and move them wherever you command. The choice is yours!

Are you a teacher? Discover our Education offer

Our nifty drones are packed with all the fun in the world and additional interactive opportunities: they offer unlimited learning possibilities in STEM and coding! We partner with Tynker, the leading code-learning platform used by more than 50 million kids. We have also developed an activity book for the amazing Apple Swift Playground. Finally, we have created a platform to share all those learning resources. Now you can easily teach coding and problem solving in a game-like fashion!




Download, code, and fly!

Tynker’s free tablet app lets you program a flight path for your minidrone, fly using your tablet’s tilt-sensor, or program your own controller as you build your coding skills.

Parrot Mambo Code

Learn to Code and Fly like a pro!

  • 1 Mambo drone (1 Cannon,1 Grabber,1 USB cable, 50 Cannon balls,1 Quickstart guide)
  • 6 Months Tynker Subscription
  • 3 Introductory Courses
  • Drones and Robotics Courses
  • 6 Game Design Courses
  • 4 Minecraft Courses+Private Minecraft Server
  • Daily Missions


Spare parts

Technical specifications

  • Stabilization sensors

        • Inertial Measurement Unit to evaluate speed, tilt and obstacle
        • Contact (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope)
        • Vertical stabilization: Ultrasound sensor (measures below 13 ft / 4 m altitude) & Pressure sensor
        • Horizontal stabilization: Camera sensor
  • Energy

        • 550 mAh LiPo Battery
        • 8 min battery life with accessory connected or bumper
        • 9 min battery life with neither accessory nor bumper
        • 30 min charging time with a 2.1 A charger
  • Aeronautical design

        • Stabilization and flight control software
        • Optimized weight/speed ratio
        • Polyamide and Polypropylene structure
  • Speed measurement & Camera

        • 60 FPS vertical camera
        • Camera: 300,000 pixels
  • Bluetooth range

        • Bluetooth V4.0 BLE connection
        • 65 ft / 20 m with smartphone
        • 200 ft / 60 m with Parrot Flypad
  • Weight, Dimensions & OS Compatibility

        • 2.22 oz / 63 g without bumpers or accessories
        • 7.1 x 7.1 in. / 18 x 18 cm with bumpers
        • iOS 7 and up / Android 4.3 and up
        • OS Linux. SDK available on
  • 6 Months Tynker Subscription

        • 3 Introductory Courses
        • Drones and Robotics Courses
        • 6 Game Design Courses
        • 4 Minecraft Courses
        • Private Minecraft Server
        • Daily Missions



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