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  1. Parrot DISCO Left and right wings

    The Parrot Disco's wings are aerodynamic and designed in expanded polyprolene reinforced with carbon tubes making them very light and shock resistant. Clip them easily onto your ...

  2. Parrot DISCO Long-life battery

    The Parrot Disco high capacity LiPo 3S 2700mAh battery provides 45 minutes' flight time. It's the guarantee of a flight session without any down time!

  3. Parrot DISCO Nose

    The Parrot Disco's nose is designed in stiff blister and is removable. With this spare part, you can repair your drone in the event of a head-on collision.

  4. Parrot DISCO Motor + screws

    The Parrot Disco high speed 1280kv motor provides enough power to reach the maximum speed of 80km/h. Enjoy the adrenaline thrusts!

  5. Parrot DISCO Charger, cable and plugs (x4)

    The Parrot Disco Charger ensures optimal battery charging. Charging time approximately 1 hr per battery

  6. Parrot DISCO Central body

    The Parrot Disco's central fuselage is designed in expanded polyprolene and is reinforced with carbon tubes which make it stiff and light. With this spare part, you will ...

  7. Parrot DISCO Full HD nose camera

    The 14Mpixel F/2.3 wide angle camera offers you high quality air images and very high resolution full HD 1080p stabilised videos. Become a skilled airman immediately!

  8. Parrot DISCO Pitot probe, ON/OFF button

    Your Disco Pitot probe enables you to turn on your Parrot Disco drone and measure the air speed which is essential for the operation of the Parrot C.H.U.C.K. autopilot.

  9. Parrot DISCO Servo-motors + insert

    On your Parrot Disco the 5V servo-motors ensure precise control of the fins. With these easy to attach spare parts, you can take off for precision flights!




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