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How do I use the Touch & Fly function?

Touch & Fly: Waypoint

Waypoint is the default “Touch & Fly” mode. It enables you to fly your ANAFI series drone to any point on the map. Tap “Touch & Fly” from the “PILOTING MODE” box menu. The map of your surroundings opens full screen. The live image captured by your ANAFI series drone is minimized in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Tap a point on the map to select a destination for your ANAFI series drone: this point is marked as a white circle with a green border. For each new Waypoint Touch & Fly session, FreeFlight 6 asks you to confirm the first destination of your ANAFI series drone as on the following screen capture. Tap the green “TAP HERE TO START” box, your drone flies toward its designated destination. Use the slider on the right of the screen to control the drone’s altitude (the green figure inside the circle) when it reaches its destination.

Activate “Touch & Fly” Waypoint with care: be especially careful with your touches on the screen in this mode, as after the initial confirmation, any tap on the map will immediately send your ANAFI series drone to the corresponding spot.


For this reason, Parrot recommends you set your FreeFlight 6 filming or photography options before activating the “Touch & Fly” Waypoint mode. If, by mistake, you have sent your ANAFI series drone toward a dangerous area, tap the STOP box at the center of the top bar of the HUD, or firmly reclaim commands from the Parrot Skycontroller 3.


Touch & Fly: POI

To access the POI Touch & Fly option, tap the “Type” box from the lower bar of the HUD, and select POI. In POI mode, tap a point on the map to create a point of interest (POI), marked as a white square diamond with a blue border, labelled with a POI icon. Control the height of the POI (the blue figure inside the square diamond) through the slider on the right: this effectively controls the tilt of the gimbal, while you use the Parrot Skycontroller 3 to fly around your target. Your ANAFI series drone remains focused on the POI.

Tap “STOP” from the red box at the center of the top bar of your screen to halt your ANAFI series drone, or to reset a POI.


From the “Smartdronies” box, next to the “Type” box of the lower bar of the HUD, you can also activate Smartdronies (Orbit, Parabola, Dolly Zoom, Boomerang) of your POI.


Refer to the “Smartdronies” section of this guide for additional information on Smartdronies types.