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How do I use the Follow Me piloting mode?

The Follow Me mode was designed to enable ANAFI series drone pilots to have their drone follow them in action.

It must be purchased from the Google (Android) or Apple (iOS) stores to be activated.


1. Fly your drone at least 5 meters (15ft) high and 10 meters (30ft) in front of you, facing you – FreeFlight 6 will inform you with a red alert at the bottom of the HUD if you are too close from your ANAFI series drone or if it is flying too low.


2. Frame yourself.


3. Tap the “PILOTING MODE” box in the bottom bar of the HUD to access the options. Tap “Follow Me” to select this piloting mode.


Both a drone GPS synchronization and a device GPS synchronization are imperative to activate this mode: upon first activation, the following page appears.

4. Tick the box on the bottom left on the page if you do not want this warning to appear again when no prerequisite is missing. Tap “FLY” to access the Follow Me mode.


5. Select one of the three Follow Me options (refer to in-app explanations for details): Track Lock Dynamic (Parrot recommends you only use this option in completely open and unobstructed areas).


6. Draw a rectangle with your finger on the screen of your device, around yourself. When your ANAFI series drone has a lock on you, the blue rectangle turns to green and the orange “LAND” box at the center of the top bar of the HUD turns red and displays “STOP”.


7. By default, your ANAFI series drone keeps you in the center of the frame, but you can drag the green box to the area of the screen you want to remain at. If you push the right joystick of the Parrot Skycontroller 3 to the left, your ANAFI series drone circles around you clockwise. If you push the right joystick of the Parrot Skycontroller 3 to the right, your drone circles around you counterclockwise.


8. In the Follow Me mode, your ANAFI series drone manages the gimbal tilt to keep you in the center of the frame. Therefore, the left trigger of the Parrot Skycontroller 3 is deactivated in this mode. However, you can still control the zoom, with the right trigger.


When you release the commands in the Follow Me mode, your ANAFI series drone keeps following you from a constant distance if you are moving. If you stay immobile, the drone stops and stays focused on you.


To have your ANAFI series drone stop tracking you, tap the red “STOP” box at the center of the top bar of the HUD.


When no target is selected, or when the tracking has been ended by the pilot, ANAFI series drone’s behavior is similar to that of the Manual flight mode.


In addition, the Follow Me mode features a series of exclusive Dronies which can be activated as you move, always keeping you in the center of the frame.

For each Dronie, two options are available (they are listed between brackets):


Orbit (left or right):

the drone circles around you in a full 360°.


Parabola (10 or 30 m):

the drone flies in a circular arc over your head, gaining 10 or 30 meters in altitude and turning 180° at its peak.


Tornado (10 or 30 m):

the drone performs a double “Orbit” around you, one going up 10 or 30 meters, the other going down 10 or 30 meters, back to its original height.


Boomerang (30 or 60 m):

the drone flies away from you for 30 or 60 meters, with an ascending angle following that of the starting gimbal tilt, then comes back to its starting point


To select a Follow Me Dronie, make sure you are in the Follow Me mode and that the drone is tracking you.


Tap the “Select Dronie” box in the bottom bar of the HUD.


Tap a Dronie to select it. Tap the option you have chosen to activate the Dronie: after 2 seconds, the drone starts moving around you. The corresponding Dronie box fills with green as the Dronie unfolds.


Activate and monitor the Follow Me mode and each Dronie with care: always check your flight plan is clear from obstacles and safe, always retain visual contact with your ANAFI series drone, and always be ready to stop the following (tap the “STOP” box of your HUD) in case a danger or any sort of unexpected obstacle arises.


To optimize the drone’s tracking, always make sure you remain visible by your ANAFI series drone: do not let an obstacle obstruct the camera’s view and do not hide in the shadows, or your ANAFI series drone could lose track of you.