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How do I use the Smartdronies piloting mode?

Your ANAFI series drone features four Smartdronies:

the Orbit, Parabola and Boomerang Dronie can be accessed through this menu – refer to the following FAQ for details about the Boomerang Dronie: How to I use the Follow Me piloting mode?


However, the smartest of ANAFI series drone’s dronies is the Dolly Zoom.

We will not spoil it for you: just make sure you have a memorable scenery behind you. Frame yourself (or better yet, your group of friends!) with your ANAFI series drone: keep the drone at least 5 meters away, at man level, between 1 and 2 meters above the ground.


1. Check that the flight path of your drone is perfectly clear: at least 30 meters behind it, flat and without obstacles.


2. Tap “Smartrdronies” from the “PILOTING MODE” box menu.


3. As for the Follow Me mode, both a drone GPS synchronization and a device GPS synchronization are imperative to activate this mode: upon first activation, the same warning page appears as for the Follow Me mode. Tick the box on the bottom left on the page if you do not want this warning to appear again when no prerequisite is missing. Tap “FLY” to access the Smartdronies mode.


4. Tap the Dolly Zoom Dronie to open its three options: try them all and enjoy the magic!