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How do I manage my photos and videos?

Retrieving photos and videos

Use a microSD to SD card adapter to transfer videos and photos you have taken with your ANAFI series drone to your computer. Slide the microSD card into the adapter and use the adapter how you would use any other SD card: access your videos and photos through a card reader or the SD card slot of your computer. Copy your videos and photos to the hard drive of your computer to edit, store, and manage your media.


Parrot recommends you backup your photos and videos, and you empty your microSD card after each flight, to ensure you always have available memory space to capture new still or moving images.


Direct media retrieval (drone to computer)

You can also retrieve your media directly from your ANAFI series drone, without extracting the microSD card.


1. Use an enclosed USB-A to USB-C cable to connect the drone (USB-C) to a USB-A port of your computer. Power your ANAFI series drone on.


2. Your ANAFI series drone mounts as any other external drive: copy your media from the DCIM/100MEDIA directory to your computer’s hard drive.


3. When you are done managing your media, eject your ANAFI series drone as any other external drive.


When plugged in to a computer and powered on, drone’s battery discharges itself. This means you must recharge your smart battery after you have retrieved your media, even if it was fully charged when you began the procedure.


FreeFlight 6 Gallery

Finally, you can manage your media and download them directly from your ANAFI series drone to your device with the Gallery of FreeFlight 6.


The Gallery also lets you:


  • preview videos, without downloading them to your device;
  • create panoramas (refer to the “Generating panoramas” section of this online help for additional details);
  • format a microSD card (refer to the “Formatting a microSD card” section of this online help for additional details);
  • encrypt a microSD card (ANAFI USA only – refer to the “Encrypting a microSD card” sections of this guide for additional details).


1. To access the Gallery from the homepage of FreeFlight 6, either tap the “microSD card” box, on the top bar of the interface, or tap the “Gallery” box, at the center of the interface.


2. If your ANAFI series drone is powered on and connected to the device (directly or through the Parrot Skycontroller 3, the FreeFlight 6 Gallery displays the microSD card media, by default.


3. Tap any media to preview it.


4. Tap any green media download box to transfer the corresponding media to your device.


5. Access the media you have downloaded to your device by tapping the “Local” box, at the top of the interface.