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Parrot again pushes the drone eco-system giving developers a major update of Ground SDK, supporting the entire ANAFI platform

Ground SDK 1.7.0

Today, Parrot is delighted to release its major update for the ANAFI Ground SDK.

Through our open-source SDK, we are building a growing ecosystem of professional applications and services, to make the ANAFI range a reference platform for professional use.


The SDK 1.7.0 is now compatible with the entire ANAFI platform, including the newly released ANAFI USA, designed for first responders end enterprise professionals.


Thanks to all the feedback from our expanding developer’s community, we are also adding the native support for thermal imaging, on ANAFI Thermal and ANAFI USA.


Developers can update their current application or start creating a new app today, following our step-by-step tutorials, and quickly build a prototype with the Ground SDK Demo application.


Ground SDK 1.7.0 comes with a lot of features:

– Native iOS and Android libraries to create applications in minutes

– Video renderer and decoder, running on multiple platforms

– Python framework

– Simulation environment

– 3D model for all drones (including ANAFI USA)


All these resources are live and accessible online, completely free and open source.


You can find all the information on our developer portal here:


Parrot has been releasing open source libraries and software since the original A.R. Drone in 2010.


“We truly believe that giving great tools to developers will enable new development and perspectives for the drone market.” – Jerome Bouvard, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Parrot


Find out more about our SDK Partnerships: Survae (smart searching and visualization platform connecting video, images, and sensor data to interactive maps and timelines), DroneLogbook (compliance and fleet management), Kittyhawk (compliance and security for enterprise UAS fleet and airspace management.), DroneSense (comprehensive drone management platform enabling public safety organizations to build, manage, and scale their unmanned aircraft programs), Planck AeroSystems (autonomous landing on a moving vehicle), RIIS (leading provider of mobile app, web development and IT consulting service), Hoverseen (drone-in-a-box surveillance and inspection solutions) and Skyward, A Verizon company (aviation management platform, including airspace, LAANC access, as well as training, hardware, and connectivity for enterprise drone fleet deployments).