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Parrot FreeFlight 6.7 application update integrates new flight features and Direct Remote Identification support

FreeFlight 6.7.4

Parrot, Europe's leading drone group, is announcing the latest update of its FreeFlight 6 application. The latest software update includes:


ANAFI users can now discover actionable intelligence and uncover advanced analytics of a drone fleet with automatic synchronization to AirData UAV from FreeFlight 6. Augmenting the ANAFI's ease of use, ruggedized and trusted system, AirData brings advanced fleet management functionality to the FreeFlight 6 app.

Parrot and AirData have augmented the collected drone telemetry and made it easy to automatically upload your flight records, including pilot and flight data logging and analysis, compliance management, maintenance tracking, and crash prevention information, as well as increasing flight efficiency for better and safer drone operations.

AirData’s real-time live stream video is an additional benefit for Parrot pilots, requiring no hardware, and compatible with virtually any common browser application on any device. The streams are PIN-protected, enabling pilots to securely determine who is able to view the low-latency drone feed anywhere over the Internet.

  • Added support for the European format for Direct Remote Identification:

Users can now enter their associated pilot number into FreeFlight 6. The DRI system enables your drone to locally broadcast information about itself for regulatory compliance (where applicable). The DRI message is transmitted in real-time throughout the duration of the flight, and through an open and documented transmission protocol. When the DRI function is activated, the drone identification number, operator registration number, and information about the ongoing flight are broadcasted locally.

Some countries may ask you to register on their official website with this identification number. Please check the local legislation of the country in which you fly.

  • [ANAFI Thermal / ANAFI USA] Users can now change the color palette in thermal mode directly from the HUD, under the opacity setting button. Professional users can now quickly and easily set their desired palette according to their missions.
  • [ANAFI Thermal / ANAFI USA] Improved thermal Spot mode:

All the colors of the palette are now available in the range selected by the user to allow for more precise subject identification on the scene observed (the palette was previously determined by a percentage set by the user). This enables to isolate a sensitive point in the image even if it is not the coldest or warmest element of the scene.

  • [ANAFI USA] Users can now track at high zoom (previously limited to x11).
  • [ANAFI USA] A new thermal indicator has been added to show the user when the thermal camera is calibrating. Display of the stream is now shown in color, instead of black and white.



Update your drone firmware and your FreeFlight 6 application today.