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Parrot + AirData: Fly with Confidence


Discover actionable intelligence and uncover advanced analytics of your drone fleet with AirData UAV. ANAFI users can now automatically capture drone flights and pilot data, track maintenance, easily meet compliance requirements, and stay up to date on operations. Utilize low latency live streaming that is easy-to-use with no hardware requirements.

Maximize your Parrot experience with AirData

Augmenting the ANAFI ease of use, ruggedized and trusted system, AirData brings advanced fleet management functionality integrated in the FreeFlight 6 app.

Parrot and AirData have augmented the collected drone telemetry and made it easy to automatically upload your flight records, including pilot and flight data logging and analysis, compliance management, maintenance tracking, and crash prevention information, as well as increasing flight efficiency for better and safer drone operations.


AirData’s real-time live stream video is an additional benefit for Parrot pilots, requiring no hardware, and compatible with virtually any common browser application on any device. The streams are PIN-protected, enabling pilots to securely determine who is able to view the low-latency drone feed anywhere over the Internet

To get started with a 30-day free AirData trial, and for more details on this integration, visit: