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Ownership structure & threshold

(last updated as of May, 14 2019)


The share capital is made of fully paid-up ordinary shares of the same class, with a nominal value of € 0.1524 each.


The threshold crossing is set at 2.5% of the capital.


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Number of shares and voting rights
> Bylaws of Parrot SA



Ownership structure


One share = one voting right; for diluted ownership information, check latest annual report.


  • Henri Seydoux (through his holding Horizon): 63,02%
  • Moneta AM: 10,59%
  • BPIfrance Participations: 5,14%
  • Treasury shares: 1,32%
  • Other/public: 19,93%
  • Estimated free float (including Moneta AM): 30,52%



Statutory shareholding threshold crossing


Pursuant to article 13 of Parrot's articles of association, any person (individual or legal entity), acting individually or in concert and holding (directly or indirectly) 2,5% or more of Parrot's share capital or voting rights (or any multiple of this percentage) is required to notify the company within 4 days of the threshold having been crossed.


Article 13 is copied below:


1) For the purpose of identifying the holders of bearer shares, the Company, under the conditions and in accordance with the terms set forth by law and regulations, may request, at any time, against payment made thereby, from the institution responsible for clearing the securities, disclosure of the name or, if the holder is a legal entity, the company name, nationality, address and, as applicable, the registered office, of the holders of securities entitling them immediately or in the future to vote at general meetings, as well as disclosure of the number of securities held by each one of them and, as applicable, the restrictions that may affect such securities. 

2) In addition to the legal obligation laid out in Article L. 233-7 of the French Commercial Code, any individual or legal entity, acting on their own or in concert with others, that may own, directly or indirectly, a number of shares representing 2.5% of the capital or of the voting rights, or any multiple of such percentage, is required to inform the Company of the total number and percentage of shares and voting rights that it holds by specifying their name as well as that of the persons acting in concert therewith, by email at ag @ (remove spaces before and after @ sign) confirmed on the same day by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt requested sent to the registered office of the Company, within four (4) trading days after any of the disclosure thresholds have been exceeded.

This obligation applies under the same conditions as those set forth in the previous paragraph whenever the fraction of the capital or voting rights falls below one of the thresholds set forth in the previous paragraph.
In the event of non-compliance with the obligations stipulated in the two previous paragraphs, the shares exceeding the fraction that should have been disclosed shall carry no voting rights for the entire general meeting that may be held until the expiry of a two-year period following the date on which the disclosure has been properly made. Except when any of the thresholds referred to in Article L. 233-7 of the French Commercial Code have been crossed, deprivation of the voting rights shall occur only at the request, recorded in the minutes of the general meeting, of one or more shareholders holding at least 2.5% of the capital and voting rights in the Company.


For additional information regarding threshold closing, contact us.



Public information on Parrot's threshold crossing:


Link to the threshold crossing information disclosed on the AMF (French Financial Market Authority) website



Directors (and affiliated) dealing of Parrot shares


Directors dealing are reported to the AMF and published on the AMF website.