How to update Parrot Minikit Neo

Parrot MINIKIT Neo is updated using a computer, via USB.

  1. Make sure that the External disks option is activated on your Mac. To do this, select Finder > Preferences.

  3. Download the update file by clicking on the flag corresponding to your language. The file downloaded in plf. format corresponds to the update file to be installed on your Parrot hands-free kit. Do not confuse this with a .pdf file opened with Adobe Reader.

  4. Turn on your Parrot MINIKIT Neo.

  5. Connect Parrot MINIKIT Neo to your computer (PC or Mac) using a USB / micro-USB cable.

  6. Press the dial and select Update.

  7. > You will hear the message "Waiting for update". The red and green LEDs will light up.

  8. > (PC) A pop-up window will appear on the screen of your computer. If this does not happen, go to "Computer" and open the MINIKIT file.

  9. > (Mac) The MINIKIT file will appear on your desktop.



  12. Open the MINIKIT folder.

  13. Drag and drop the previously downloaded update file into the MINIKIT folder, as if it were a USB drive. Wait until the transfer is complete.

  14. Eject Parrot MINIKIT Neo then disconnect it from your computer.

  15. > The following message will appear: "The device can be safely removed"

  16. > You will hear the message "Update in progress, please wait". The red LED will flash.

  17. Wait until Parrot MINIKIT Neo restarts.

  18. > Once Parrot MINIKIT Neo has restarted, you will hear the message "Software update complete".

Update : 15/10/2018
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