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How do I use the Thermal Spectrum of my ANAFI Thermal?

The Thermal Spectrum video mode is limited to a single option:

ANAFI Thermal shoots 9 frames per second 1440x1080 thermography MP4 (H264) videos.


1. Tap and drag the temperature picker, at any moment, to obtain a direct temperature reading on any point of the central area of the screen – the part which is free from boxes or icons.


2. Finally, note you can always capture screenshots, directly to your device, through the dedicated screen button. This feature is especially useful when filming, as it enables you to extract a still image from a film without stopping the recording.


ANAFI Thermal is a double camera system. However, photo or video mode selection is independent from the cameras. In other words, for example, switching from Visible Spectrum photo mode calls the last Thermal Spectrum photo mode that was selected; similarly, switching from Thermal Spectrum video mode calls the last Visible Spectrum video mode that was selected.