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How do I use the Relative Thermal mode of my ANAFI Thermal?

The Relative mode is the default thermography mode of ANAFI Thermal, which is activated upon first access to the Thermal HUD.


The Relative mode is useful to get a quick overview of any scene’s temperature range. In this mode, even slight heat differences materialize as strong contrasts.

Its main specificity is that the scale it displays, on the left of the HUD, matches by default the temperature range of the scene ANAFI Thermal is filming.

However, the lock button (under the scale, on the left of the screen) enables you to temporarily lock the scale to the temperature range of any scene. This is especially useful if you must reframe your scene to include part of the sky. Indeed, the sky always appears as a very cold element, which disturbs the scale.


Refer to the two following screenshots to compare locked (green lock icon) and unlocked (white lock icon) scales and color readings with the reference image.

Temperature scale has been locked on reference image (19 to 46° C):

The colors of the building are kept, although the gimbal has been reoriented toward the sky and clouds (which appear in grey and black – out of the scale

Temperature scale has not been locked from reference image:

The scale has adapted to the new scene (- 50 to 42° C), the colors of the building now lack contrast, but the clouds and sky have been colored.