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How do I use the Absolute Thermal mode of my ANAFI Thermal?

The Absolute Thermal Mode is the most versatile of ANAFI Thermal’s thermography modes.


It enables the user to select a custom temperature scale and to focus on it, to achieve extremely precise color readings.

Control your analysis through the two buttons located under the temperature scale.


On the left, the double arrow button toggles from narrow scale (0 to 50° C) to extended scale (- 10 to 140° C in DEFAULT range and – 10 to 400° C in VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE range: set range through PREFERENCES).


On the right, the show/hide toggle enables you to color only the part of the scale you have selected with the top and bottom white scale sliders.


Refer to the following screenshots for additional details on the features associated to these buttons.

Absolute Thermal mode:

Note the lack of contrast of the image – double arrow button is set on narrow scale but the scale has the entire range colored.

Both buttons have been activated:

Extended scale is showing, but only selected range is colored. Contrast is still very low.

The selected range has been narrowed, from the bottom:

The contrast of the image highlights the whole scale of temperatures of the scene, from blue (17° C) to yellow (45° C) through purple, red and orange.

The camera has been reoriented toward the sky.

The selected scale is still locked. The colder and distant sky and clouds are excluded from color readings.


Note that in Absolute Thermal mode, as in Spot Thermal mode, the thresholds you set manually are only reset when you tap the “RESET THERMAL SETTINGS” button in the Thermal Preferences tab.