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How do I use the High dynamic range (HDR) function?

HDR (high dynamic range) is another great way to enhance a video or a photo. The HDR option is available for Standard video mode 4K, 2.7K and 1080p formats (regardless of framerate values) and JPEG photos.


1. To activate the HDR option, select a Standard video mode or a JPEG photo format from the relevant boxes of the bottom bar of the HUD.

A white and round HDR icon appears on the screen of your device, to the left of the photo/video trigger.


2. Tap this icon:

It turns yellow and a HDR notice appears in black inside a yellow box, under the “next available action” box, at the center of the top bar of the HUD. Press the hard shutter button on your Parrot Skycontroller 3 (or the soft shutter button of the HUD) to start filming in HDR or to take a HDR photo.


3. Tap the round HDR icon again to deactivate HDR.

The yellow HDR box disappears from the screen.

Note that you cannot modify “s”, “ISO” or “WB” values when the HDR mode is activated. However, you always keep control over your EV value.


Note that activating (or deactivating) HDR stops any ongoing video recording.