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How do I make my drone’s horizon straight again?

Your ANAFI series drone’s camera has been factory-calibrated with unparalleled precision. Unlike the calibration of your drone or that of the Parrot Skycontroller 3, which must be carried out periodically, the camera calibration must not be carried out unless it appears necessary – typically, after a crash.


If you notice a tilted horizon on all your videos and photos, and if this tilt is always on the same side, access camera calibration to make your horizon perfectly straight again.


This feature is accessible from the drone box on the FreeFlight 6 homepage (or from the drone box of the HUD) and from the “PREFERENCE – Camera” menu.


1. Before starting this procedure, you need to position your ANAFI series drone on a flat and perfectly level surface, exactly perpendicular to any pattern containing straight lines you can use as horizon references. A set square can help you check that a line on your floor is perpendicular to your wall, as on the following pictures.

2. When your ANAFI series drone is correctly positioned, perpendicular to its straight horizon reference, power it on, along with the Parrot Skycontroller 3 and your device, as you would for any flight.


3. Access “Camera calibration” from the drone box of the homepage or the HUD of FreeFlight 6, or from the “PREFERENCES-Camera” menu.


4. Select the “Correct horizon” option from the following screen.

The following screen appears

5. Tap “–“ or “+” until the artificial horizon of your ANAFI series drone matches the horizon reference facing the drone. Do not worry about vertical lines: they may not appear straight or parallel on the calibration screen.

6. When you have straightened the tilt of the camera, tap the “<” icon on the top left of the screen to confirm your setting and exit camera calibration.