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How do I create panoramas?

Your ANAFI series drone’s panoramas are generated automatically through the gallery of FreeFlight 6, based on a series of pictures taken by the drone.


The generation of a panorama, regardless of its format, implies three phases:

  • collecting the pictures, in flight;
  • downloading the pictures from your ANAFI series drone to your device;
  • stitching the pictures together to create the panorama, on your device, through the gallery of FreeFlight 6.


⚠ Before shooting a panorama:

1. Make sure you are not flying lower than 10 meters (30ft) over water.


2. Make sure no object nor subject are present in a 10 meters (30ft) radius around your ANAFI series drone.


3. Bear in mind your ANAFI series drone locks the exposure (refer to the “AE Lock ” section of this guide for additional information on exposure locking) of the frame with which you start your panorama. For this reason, Parrot recommends you always frame the main subject of the intended panorama before pressing the shutter button.


4. Bear in mind your drone will not enable you to proceed with a panorama if it is short on power (capturing a 360 Panorama takes your drone up to 90 seconds).


5. To capture a panorama, select the “Panorama” box from the “Photo Mode” menu of the HUD. Then, tap the panorama type you want to select it: Vertical, Horizontal or 360. The soft shutter button icon reflects your choice, as on the screen capture below.

6. When you are happy with your framing, press the hard shutter button on the right of the Parrot Skycontroller 3 (or tap the soft shutter button of the HUD) to begin the Panorama capture.


7. Your ANAFI series drone starts taking pictures and the bottom of the HUD displays a progress bar which fills with green as the capture unfolds.


⚠ Panorama types capture characteristics:


Your ANAFI series drone takes 8 photos in about 18 seconds



Your ANAFI series drone takes 10 photos in about 20 seconds



Your ANAFI series drone takes 42 photos in about 90 second