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How do I change my safety settings?

Access FreeFlight 6 preferences through the icon on the extreme right of the top bar of the homepage, or that of the HUD. Preferences enable you to fine-tune your ANAFI series drone to your hand – to customize it, to fit your piloting and filming styles.


Access Preferences submenus from the boxes on the left of the screen. Tap a box to select it and access its items.


For all items, default values (DV) are marked in bold characters.


Through Safety preferences, you can set a safe and clear flying area for your ANAFI series drone.

Set your drone’s maximum flight altitude with the “Max altitude” slider.


To set a maximum distance from the pilot for your drone, move the “Max distance” slider to the required value.


When the Geofence is activated, your ANAFI series drone will automatically stop when it reaches the maximum altitude or the maximum distance you have selected: a red prompt will also appear on your HUD.





Max altitude

1m to 150m

(DV: 30m)


Max distance

10m to 4 km

(DV: 300m)


Minimum altitude when using RTH

20m to 100m

(DV: 30m)


End behavior



Hovering altitude

1m to 10 m

(DV: 2m)


Advanced RTH settings



Note: By activating advanced RTH features, if you select return to Pilot or Custom position, the drone might not be able to reach its destination in case of low battery. Parrot will not be held responsible in case the drone lands in a different location.


Return position



Tap “RESET ALL SAFETY PREFERENCES” on the bottom of the page to reset preferences.