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How do I reset my Skycontroller 4?

Resetting the Skycontroller reverts the controller back to its latest firmware update. It cleans all logs and credentials and restores the original ecosystem’s Wi-Fi SSID and password.


To reset the Skycontroller, ensure that it is not connected to any drone, or the drone will initiate a take-off sequence.


Press and hold the controller’s Take-off/Land, Optics reset, and Media recording buttons for 15 seconds, then release the 3 buttons.


Note: The LED starts flashing after 10 seconds, but you must hold the buttons for an additional 5 seconds.


The Skycontroller reboots. The reset is successful.


The same procedure can be performed safely, even with a drone connected, through the Reset button of the Skycontroller page, in FreeFlight 6 USA.