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Situational Awareness

Solutions offered by our partners

ATAK plugins, rapid intelligence, comprehensive situational awareness tools, live video streaming for drones and other cameras, and ability to see where cameras are geographically located.


REVEAL delivers intuitive, rapid intelligence at the tactical edge, blending state-of-the-art computer vision, artificial intelligence, and edge computing technologies. The Farsight software is used by military clients to create HD maps from Parrot systems while in flight, then process the maps locally to create 3D maps for mission planning analysis.

Rapid Imaging

Rapid Imaging's ATAK plugin, Landform X, enhances situational awareness. It allows pilots to annotate live video, and overlay details, such as street names and markers.

Partech / ATAK

The Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), for civilian use, or Android Tactical Assault Kit (also ATAK), for military use -is a software suite that provides geospatial information and allows user collaboration over geography.


DroneSense is a Drone Software Platform for public safety. It is composed of 3 components: Airbase (flight and pilot management), Pilot (a mission planning and piloting app) and Ops Centre (a real time cloud sharing platform). They are widely used in the US by Fire and Police Departments.

Anarky Labs

AirHUD displays visible and concealed data to the pilot, such as distance to buildings, airspace classification, or restriction zones, around the drone, in real time, by using AR glasses.