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Open source Development Tools

All our SDK resources are available for free, without registration or tracking, on the Parrot Developer Portal.

In addition to Ground SDK, Air SDK, OpenFlight and Sphinx, you can also develop Python scripts with Olympe, process video and metadata with PDrAW, and fly drones using the open-source standards MAVLink and GUTMA (Global UTM Association) protocols.



Use Python to control drones

Olympe provides a Python controller programming interface for the ANAFI range of drones. The original purpose of Olympe is to interact with the simulation environment Sphinx. Olympe can also control a physical drone from a remote computer.


Olympe framework allows you to:

  • Connect to simulated or physical drone
  • Send command messages (piloting, camera orientation, RTH, FlightPlan)
  • Start and stop video streaming of all cameras
  • Record the video stream and the synced metadata



Advanced media player

PDrAW is an advanced video viewer for ANAFI drones' media. The viewer supports both streamed (RTP/RTSP) and recorded (MP4) videos, on Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. PDrAW comes as a library (libpdraw), a wrapper library (libpdraw-backend), and a standalone executable (pdraw).

PDrAW also manage video metadata. On ANAFI drones, both the streamed and the recorded video embed metadata that are publicly accessible and documented, allowing advanced processing of aerial videos.


MAVLink and GUTMA compatibility

Drones in the ANAFI range are compatible with the open-source standard MAVLink v1 protocol, allowing for real-time data exchange between the UAV and a control station. ANAFI drones can be flown manually or using automatic flight planning from MAVLink compatible base station, such as QGroundControl.


ANAFI range of drones is compatible with the open-source GUTMA standard protocol for flight data. The Global UTM Association is a consortium of major players in the field of airspace traffic management.