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Tinamu and Parrot have forged a technology partnership for automated indoor-monitoring solutions

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Parrot, the leading European drone manufacturer, and Tinamu, the Swiss drone automation technology provider, are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to integrate the Parrot ANAFI Ai drone into Tinamu’s indoor-monitoring solutions. 
Tinamu provide their services for automated warehouse inventory management to global companies in mining, commodity trading, and construction industries. 
The combination of the best-in-class Parrot UAVs, and Tinamu’s software capabilities will result in an advanced, completely automated robotic solution built for industry.
"Automating drones is the future for scaling professional drone usage, being able to achieve this for indoor locations is a truly complex challenge, and Tinamu has developed a very innovative software solution for this. 
Using the Parrot ANAFI Ai indoors demonstrates its full intelligent robotic potential and opens up and deepens new types of services and activities for enterprise” said Chris Roberts VP and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Parrot.. 
The Parrot ANAFI Ai comes with advanced technical specifications which are well adapted to the high requirements of Tinamu for reliable, repetitive, and automated indoor-monitoring drone flights.
The 4G connectivity assures a robust link for indoor missions, removing the need for line-of-sight, something normally required for other solutions on the market today. The obstacle avoidance guarantees a safe flight during inventory monitoring. Furthermore, the Parrot offers Tinamu the ability to upload their custom autonomous missions to the ANAFI Ai open software platform.
"Using drones in warehouses without a pilot requires a cutting-edge software that can run on state-of-the-art drones. We feel very much aligned with Parrot’s vision and quest for perfection.  We share the same passion for reliability, precision, and technology. Leveraging the ANAFI AI drone capabilities, we will make our services even better, faster, safer, and more accurate, improving our customers experience” said Tobias Nägeli, CEO of Tinamu.
Warehouse Inventory data being extremely sensitive, the cybersecurity-savvy ANAFI Ai was an obvious choice: it is compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is equipped with a Secure Element protecting the integrity of the embedded software, providing a unique identity to the drone for 4G pairing and strong authentication. Finally, Parrot collects no data without the consent of the users, ensuring total privacy if required.  
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