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Parrot & Dimetor redefine end-to-end connectivity for MNOs

AirborneRF x Parrot

Dimetor and Parrot, the leading European drone group have announced that they’ve accomplished full integration for the Parrot ANAFI Ai 4G drone with the AirborneRF software platform. This provides a holistic end-to-end system that utilizes Parrot’s certified and commercially available ANAFI Ai 4G drone, which can connect with cellular infrastructure globally.
Through AirborneRF, the ANAFI Ai can access the required information about airspace connectivity and ground risk which enables automated BVLOS drone operations and aerial IoT services at scale.

Additionally, with the AirborneRF software platform, drone operators using the ANAFI Ai will now be able to see instant connectivity data, including everything from predictions for flight planning and approval, all the way to real-time updates for in-flight connectivity.
The aim of the partnership is to push for a globalized drone ecosystem that encompasses end-to-end software services, including all required airspace connectivity information, which will automatically be sent to drone operators. Part of this data will include connectivity throughout the duration of the flight, as well as mobility data for the ground risk assessment, making authorization approvals both faster and easier.

Wherever deployed already, drone operators using the ANAFI Ai 4G drone can also now access the AirborneRF self-service portal, where they can select “Parrot ANAFI Ai” when they need automated connectivity and ground risk data before beginning flight operations.
Alongside the benefits for Parrot professional end users, this will greatly boost how Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) provide end-to-end systems and services to the drone industry, including enterprise and SME customers.

Gorazd Mirkovski, Project Director at Dimetor, is enthusiastic about the partnership and stated, “We’re seeing a shift to a more mature environment where companies and authorities are interested in automated drone operations and workflows.
Mobile Network Operators can provide the required infrastructure-as-a-service solutions to make this a reality. Parrot’s cellularly connected drone, integrated with AirborneRF, enables these end-to-end aerial IoT services that MNOs can provide to their end customers. Clearly, this is a game changer.”

“Cellular connectivity is the new communications standard for the professional drone industry and Parrot ANAFI Ai pioneers this new standard for drones at work,” said Chris Roberts VP / Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Parrot.
“We designed ANAFI Ai’s 4G LTE connectivity, which enables precise, robust and secure control at any distance with a 4G LTE connection , now combining ANAFI Ai with AirborneRF is the next step in delivering a real solution to the growing demand from professional users to go further with automated drone operations integrating to their business & workflow, extend the real professional usage.

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