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Parrot + DroneLogbook: Automate your enterprise drone management operations program


DroneLogbook is a cloud-based management tool for drone operations, covering all the aspect of professional drone use in enterprise: Mission Planning, Compliance Reporting, Maintenance Reporting and Flight Tracking.

The platform is compatible with ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal and the latest ANAFI USA with a native integration in FreeFlight 6 (on iOS and Android), offering ANAFI users a the simplest and most seamless experience on the market.

Users only have to register to the platform in Parrot’s FreeFlight 6 application to enable the automatic sync of their flights logs into DroneLogbook.   

This simple and cost-effective solution is ideal for all small and medium sized drone programs, no matter what the professional use is.

In contrary to most drone programs today traditionally relying on manual data collected and recorded in xls. speadsheets to organize pilots, hardware and do all the maintenance, the use of DroneLogbook with ANAFI drones is very beneficial and practical for enterprise, public safety or defense organizations to scale their drone operations.


Automatically import your flight logs in just 4 steps: