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Live stream directly from the field to command centers with ANAFI Ai and ua cast

ANAFI Ai x ua cast

ua cast app enables decision makers, experts, tactical managers, or clients to remotely supervise Parrot ANAFI Ai missions.


Up to 3 collaborators in different locations can have access to the live stream and receive co-piloting rights, facilitating information sharing.


The video is shared directly through Parrot ANAFI Ai’s 4G secured connectivity, limiting latency to a strict minimum.


The ua cast mobile app is based on the open-source core of Parrot ANAFI Ai’s piloting app FreeFlight 7: OpenFlight, allowing you to quickly and easily create an app, customized for your requirements.


The 4G broadcasting has been developed with Air SDK which allows you to program and run code directly on Parrot ANAFI Ai. To order a ua cast license, contact a ua cast distributor or your regular Parrot distributor.