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Parrot Announces Partnership with industry leader Colorado Drone Chargers

Parrot x CDC

Parrot ANAFI USA is class leading when it comes to flight-time to weight ratio (96 min in total for only 1 lb - 500 g). Moreover, batteries are using USB-PD, or USB-C Power Delivery, a new protocol specification that allows for faster and more flexible charging.


Today, Parrot is pushing the limits even further and is announcing a partnership with Colorado Drone Chargers (CDC), the global leader in field ready, high speed drone charging systems.


Parrot and CDC designed a revolutionary charging system for the ANAFI USA batteries, allowing professionals to simultaneously charge four Parrot ANAFI USA 3400mAh flight batteries in the field and in less time than a standard charging system.


The new CDC ANAFI USA PRCS Elite will recharge four batteries from a 20% charge level to a full charge in approximately 60 minutes for all the four batteries. This means more time in the air, with fewer batteries to charge and to carry into the field.


This Made in the USA charging system, is designed to be powered from diverse power sources ranging from pure sinewave to modified sinewave, often provided by inverters and generators.


Parrot and Colorado Drone Chargers understand the importance of rapid drone deployment and rapid charging. For many of our professional users, time spent recharging batteries is time away from saving lives and impacting productivity and efficiencies.

Our mission is to design and build the best UAV solutions for professionals, and also to partner with industry leaders to create an ecosystem of application, services, and hardware accessories for our platform. The partnership with CDC brings tremendous value for our ANAFI USA platform, and this new charging system is the perfect add-on for our most demanding professional users. - Jerome Bouvard, Director of Strategic Partnerships.


At Parrot we have used our vast proven experience developing drones since 2010, with 4.5 million shipped, to bring the market the class leading extremely capable ANAFI USA, we have placed an extreme focus on battery performance and weight, to have the best flight time to weight ratio ensuring you can not only have a reliable flight time of +30 minutes but also easily deploy and carry the system anywhere to achieve a professional mission, of course having a great flight time with a heavy weight is not realistic for real professional users. The CDC charging system complements and takes even further the capabilities of always being mission ready and professionally deployable for high frequency constant professional usage. - Chris Roberts, VP & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.


Time spent recharging can be the difference between saving life for first responders or even professional pilots losing a contract - said Johnny R Podrovitz, the Founder and President of Colorado Drone Chargers, LLC. Creating a quick charging system to charge Parrot’s ANAFI USA’s flight batteries will make a monumental impact on the professional industry. Needs are evolving, and we’re continuously listening to customers and the drone industry to make essential changes.



System will be available on Colorado Drone Chargers website and selected resellers for preorder.