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Singapore drone regulations*

Overview of Regulatory Requirements

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) supports innovative and beneficial uses of drones and adopts transformative drone technologies. The applicable regulations ensure that drone operations can be facilitated while maintaining aviation and public safety.


CAAS recognises the diversity drone uses in Singapore. The regulatory framework is differentiated according to three classifications of uses:


  • Recreational
  • Educational
  • Business


Depending on classifications, requirements of registration, pilot and permit may vary. It is important for all pilots to fulfil the respective regulatory requirements before flying the drone and ensure that all operations are conducted in a safe and responsible manner.


Drone Safety Guidelines

Before conducting any outdoor activities, you should refer to the following flying DOs and DON'Ts:


The drone registration is a two-step process comprising:


  • Purchase of a registration label
  • Completion of the online registration via the Drone Portal.


No-Fly Zones and Drone Flying Area

Before conducting any outdoor activities, you should ensure that you are flying your drone outside the no-fly zones. Do also ensure that you do not fly higher than 200 feet (approximately 60m) above mean sea level (AMSL) without obtaining a permit. Click here to find out where you cannot fly or can fly your drone if you obtained the required permits.


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