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Australian Drone Regulations*

General context

Drone regulation in Australia is governed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, CASA. Below is a summary of useful information for Parrot drone users. More details are available on the CASA website.


It is legal to fly your Parrot drone in Australia, but as is often the case, limitations apply to ensure the safety of people and equipment. Here are the main points.


Key rules

  • You must only fly during the day and always keep your drone within visual line-of-sight.
  • You must not fly your drone higher than 120 meters above the ground.
  • You must not fly over or above people, and you should keep your drone at least 30 meters away from other people.
  • If your drone weighs more than 250g (ANAFI, ANAFI THERMAL, ANAFI USA, ANAFI Ai) you must keep at least 5.5km away from controlled aerodromes.
  • You must only fly one drone at a time.
  • Respect personal privacy. Do not record or photograph people without their consent.

Recreational drone flying

If you fly your drone for sport or recreational use, you do not need to register your drone.


Professional drone flying

Several obligations apply to you if you plan to use your drone for professional use. This includes, for example, using a drone for paid photography or video, infrastructure inspection, research, or any other activity on behalf of your company. Here is the list of requirements:


  • You must register your drone on the myCASA website
    • Free of charge for drones under 500g (ANAFI, ANAFI THERMAL, ANAFI USA)
    • You must pay for the drones over 500g (ANAFI Ai)
  • You must be over 16 years old to register your drone
  • As a remote pilot, you must get a Remote Pilot Accreditation (RPA) for your Parrot drone (less than 2kg)
  • You must notify CASA on their website before your flight


You are ready to fly!

If you have followed the steps listed, then you are safe to fly. Remember to stay away from restricted areas such as airports or government buildings. Find here CASA-verified drone safety applications to find out where you can and can’t fly your drone.


* The regulatory content is provided for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a lawyer. Parrot does not warrant that the information is accurate, complete or current.