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Applications and services

Our ANAFI drones are compatible with many applications and allow you to simplify mission management and fully exploit collected in-flight data. These applications complement the function of the drone and add additional value to aerial operations.

FreeFlight 6

Fly ANAFI with ease

Plan your missions and access all the features of ANAFI.


Access all drone settings to prepare your flight with FreeFlight 6. You can define your flight mode, flight plan and access drone data such as battery level, photos and videos taken during the mission. FreeFlight 6 is an intuitive application which allows you to conduct missions and analyse your shots quickly. Define points of interest for ANAFI’s flight path and observe them throughout the flight. Configure the thermal vision temperature scale to push the precision of your flight further.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal


Go deeper into mission programming.

Program your flight plan in detail with Pix4Dcapture. Flight plan models are available in grid, circular and polygon configurations allowing you to fly over your flight zone from different perspectives. The aim is to retrieve and exploit a large number of photos and data.


This application offers the user extended autonomy, and the ability to set the altitude of the drone or the camera angle, when certain points of interest require special attention.


The coverage provided by Pix4Dcapture offers users a high degree of mission accuracy and to observe complex areas. The software can, for example, be useful to find people or for surveyors to map a working environment.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal


Generate 2D terrain models quickly and without a connection.

Using Pix4Dreact, create 2D models of the terrain from the images and videos collected in flight. These can then be used to analyse the area and identify specific points of interest. Energy suppliers: use this facility to determine the level of vegetation near your infrastructure. Rescue teams: identify priority areas for intervention.


Use the application to exploit fully the potential of in-flight data collected by integrating it into a single off-line model. The 2D model can also be compared with mapping data to identify changes in the landscape.


Imagine a new way of conducting missions: carrying out initial reconnaissance to identify features of interest and then launching detailed survey flights.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal


Exploit high value-added data using 3D models.

Download photographic and video mission visuals to Pix4Dmapper to rebuild the terrain model. Data is merged progressively to produce a 3D model of the terrain. You can then access a point cloud representing the infrastructure or area under observation, and from this model perform calculations and extract data. Reference points can be integrated within the model for a more complete visual rendering. Calculate areas, volumes and distances. Locate features and get geographical data such as altitude on the model, directly access photos that include the feature .


Building inspectors: determine the condition of buildings and infrastructure with extremely precise localised shots. Surveyors: easily and quickly access crucial data, such as extraction volumes.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal


Exploit the data collected by accessing the flight path representation.

Survae allows you to exploit mission images by integrating them into a temporal and spatial navigation interface, which presents your data on a map. This makes it easier to locate and access an anomaly, item or place of interest. This facilitates the detection of anomalies during the inspection of solar panel installations despite photovoltaic cells resembling one another.


Survae provides a spatial representation of the terrain based on photos collected in-flight. This makes it easier to navigate the space and concentrate on subjects of interest. 360-degree shots can also be integrated to obtain more precise and detailed data of the observed item.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal

Flir Tools

Provide decision makers with specific information to facilitate decisions.

Discover a new way to exploit your in-flight data by integrating it with Flir Tools. This software analyses your thermal data and produces a detailed report for decision makers.


Adjust selected parameters to receive only information of interest and exploit the full potential of the Anafi Flir Thermal sensor.


This provides a new way of studying collected in-flight data and integrates it into complete illustrated documents, so that a wide range of people can use the conclusions of your reports.


Compatible drone: ANAFI Thermal

Drone Logbook

Analyse all your flight data simply

DroneLogbook is a flight recording service that offers secure data storage. Accessible online or via mobile applications, DroneLogbook allows you to record critical flight data automatically such as flight time, GPS and altimeter data, weather conditions, airspace status and much more. DroneLogbook tracks all drone operations and allows users to create reports in seconds.


With native integration into the FreeFlight 6 application, you can synchronise all data automatically and transparently to DroneLogbook servers, once ANAFI lands.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal


Build, manage and scale your unmanned aircraft programs

DroneSense is a software company whose comprehensive drone management platform empowers public safety organizations to build, manage, and scale their unmanned aircraft programs. Through this partnership, public safety UAS teams are able to use the full suite of DroneSense capabilities tailor-made for the needs of first responders with their ANAFI aircraft.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal


Secure and inspect your industrial installations

Hoverseen provides cost-effective and secure drone-in-a box solutions for surveillance and inspection of industrial sites like plants, warehouses, work sites, quarries, etc.


Through this partnership, enterprises can now use Parrot ANAFI drones as an automated drone-in-a-box surveillance solution capable of dispatching and charging itself from lightweight docking and recharging stations.


Compatible drones: ANAFI USA, ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal