Pre-flight checks



Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal must be used in compliance with applicable local regulations. The flight locations must be compatible with the movements of the drone and must not endanger people, animals and property at any time.  


• It may not be permitted to use Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal in certain places in the public domain (e.g. train station, airport, etc.) or on public roads.


• The pilot must keep continuous visual contact with Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal and control its trajectory.


• Before you fly your Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal, check the restrictions regarding the use of Wi-Fi frequencies at the flight location.  Certain frequencies may be restricted or prohibited. For instance, in some countries, the use of the 5 GHz band for your Wi-Fi may be prohibited for outdoor locations.




• Do not fly Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal at night.


• Check the weather to ensure that the flying conditions and visibility are good. Do not use Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal if it is raining, snowing, if there is fog or if the wind speed exceeds 8 meters per second or 30 km/h.  


• Do not fly over water.


• Make sure that you have at least 10 meters of clearance around the planned takeoff and landing site of Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal  Check that the flight location has no obstacles that might interfere with the flight or prevent visual contact.

Update : 16/10/2018
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