How do I restore default controls on the Skycontroller 3?

A factory reset procedure is available for the Skycontroller 3:

1. Press and hold down simultaneously the Shutter, Optics reset, and Take-off / landing buttons.


2. After 10 seconds, the LED of the Skycontroller 3 blinks quickly in white.


3. Hold the same 3 buttons down for 5 more seconds (15 seconds in total) to complete a factory reset and reboot.


If you do not want to reset your Skycontroller 3 to factory state, you can also:

1. Access the Controls Preferences of FreeFlight 6.


2. Tap “RESET ALL CONTROL PREFERENCES” on the bottom of the page.




1. Select “Classic” Control mode


2. Deactivate all control options (set “Inverse joys”, “Special” and “EV Trigger” icons to white)