How to upload maps to the Skycontroller USA?

GeoTIFF conversion and import

The free software QGIS provides an easy way to convert GeoTIFF maps into FreeFlight 6- compatible PNG tiles.


Follow this procedure to convert your files.


1. Launch QGIS: this is the software’s main interface.

2. Import your GeoTIFF file in the software’s main interface.

3. Check your GeoTIFF file has been imported on the screen of your PC.

4. From the “Processing” menu, select the “Toolbox” to open it.

5. From the “Toolbox”, launch the “gdal2tiles” process.

6. Select an output directory – and an appropriate zoom level.


7. Click “Run” to launch the conversion – it can take over an hour, depending on the size of the original file.

8. Compress together all new folders from the output directory, without renaming them.


9. Turn the Skycontroller USA to Maintenance Mode and copy the compressed folder to the “FreeFlight6\Custom maps” directory of the Skycontroller USA – refer to the Skycontroller USA Maintenance Mode section of this guide for additional information.


10. At the next launch of FreeFlight 6, the new map appears as an overlay of the default

(Google) map.