How to stream live video from the Skycontroller USA?

The screen of the Skycontroller USA can be easily shared, via RTSP protocol, to a VLCequipped PC, with an RJ45 (Ethernet) cable.


Similarly, the stream can be shared using the open command line tool FFmpeg.


This section details the VLC stream sharing procedure, which can be set up at any stage of a flight:


  • Power the Skycontroller USA on and connect it to a PC (host) with an RJ45 cable.
  • Launch VLC media player on the host PC.
  • From the “Tools” menu of VLC, select “Preferences”.
  • From the “Preferences” interface of VLC, select the “Input / Codecs” tab.
  • Set the first item, “Hardware-accelerated decoding” to “Disable”.
  • Save your selection to close the “Preferences” interface.


From the “Media” menu of VLC, select “Open network stream”. Enter “rtsp://” in the Network URL field, as in the following screenshot.

Click “Play” to launch the stream in the main window of VLC.