Software Development Kit

Key features:

  • Embed your code on the drone with Air SDK
  • Create mobile apps with Ground SDK
  • Customize open-source GCS with OpenFlight
  • Use state-of-the-art drone simulation tool with Sphinx
  • Develop python scripts with Olympe
  • Process video and metadata with PDrAW

Parrot Software Development Kit is a set of tools and open-source software for developers. Since the first A.R. Drone, open-source is at the heart of our platforms and developer tools, and Parrot continually contributes to the open-source community.


All our SDK resources are available for free, without registration or tracking, on the Parrot Developer Portal.


Join thousands of developers on our forum and discuss directly with Parrot engineers.


Write code. Build apps. Create Missions. Fly drones!


Run your code on ANAFI Ai

Air SDK provides a breakthrough technological architecture to load and run code directly on ANAFI Ai. Developers can program custom-designed flight missions with access to  all drone sensors, connectivity interfaces, and autopilot features.


Air SDK give onboard access to:

  • All the sensors (IMU, GPS, TOF) and flight states
  • Video streams and metadata from all cameras
  • Wi-Fi, 4G, USB communication interfaces
  • Depth maps and occupation grids 
  • Obstacle avoidance trajectory generation 


Any developer can:

  • Modify the drone state-machine by creating Flight Missions
  • Change the guidance mode
  • Add onboard Linux processes (such as transferring data on the 4G link or use computer vision)


Air SDK supports C++ or Python programming language. Air SDK comes with a comprehensive installation guide and API documentation. Many sample applications illustrate all the possibilities offered by its unique architecture.


Logo Parrot Air SDK

  • Picto Command and control

    Command and control

  • Picto Autonomous flights

    Autonomous flights

  • Picto Occupation grid

    Occupation grid

  • Picto Custom flight mission

    Custom flight mission

  • Picto Camera video feeds

    Camera video feeds

  • Picto Telemetry


  • Picto Wifi/4G connectivity

    Wifi/4G connectivity

  • Picto Internal and external storage

    Internal and external storage

Ground SDK

Create powerful mobile application

Ground SDK is a Ground Control Station (GCS) framework for mobile devices (both iOS and Android are supported). It allows any developer to create a mobile application for ANAFI Ai, controlling the drone directly from the mobile device. All the features of the aircraft (control, video, settings) are accessible through an easy-to-use and fully documented API.


Logo Parrot Ground SDK

  • Picto Command and control

    Command and control

  • Picto Occupation grid

    Occupation grid

  • Picto Custom flight mission

    Air SDK custom flight mission

  • Picto Wifi/4G connectivity

    Wifi/4G connectivity

  • Picto Camera video feeds

    Camera video feeds

  • Picto Telemetry


  • Picto cloud

    Remote drone media storage


Open-source ground control station

For the first time, Parrot is open-sourcing its ground control station application. OpenFlight is the open-source core of our acclaimed FreeFlight 7 application. As a developer, you can focus on adding your own features and will immediately get a professional-looking App ready to be published on the application stores.

OpenFlight contains:

  • All the UX of FreeFlight 7
  • All the settings interfaces
  • The code for real-time 3D visualization of obstacles
  • The code for 4G connectivity management


OpenFlight is published under the BSD-3 license with a full installation guide and comprehensive documentation.


Logo Parrot OpenFlight


3D photorealistic simulation

Parrot Sphinx is a state-of-the-art drone simulation tool. Parrot engineers use it to develop and test all the features of ANAFI Ai.

The general concept is to simulate the real drone firmware, with all its sensors in a visually and physically realistic environment.


Parrot Sphinx allows you to:

  • Simulate all camera and sensors
  • Simulate depth maps and segmentation images
  • Navigate into many realistic 3D scenes
  • Connect to different types of remote controller
  • Use scripts to control the simulation
  • Add pedestrians and vehicles
  • Visualize and record flight data
  • Configure drone sensors and surrounding physics elements
  • Control the real-time factor


Parrot Sphinx is built on cutting-edge industry standard components:

Logo gazebo
Gazebo, the open-source robotic simulation framework from OSRF.
logo unreal engine
Unreal Engine, the advanced real-time 3D creation tool from Epic Games.


Use Python to control ANAFI Ai

Olympe provides a Python controller programming interface for ANAFI Ai. The original purpose of Olympe is to interact with the simulation environment Sphinx. Olympe can also control a physical ANAFI Ai from a remote computer.


Olympe framework allows you to:

  • Connect to simulated or physical ANAFI Ai
  • Send command messages (piloting, camera orientation, RTH, FlightPlan)
  • Start and stop video streaming of all cameras
  • Record the video stream and the synced metadata


Advanced media player

PDrAW is an advanced video viewer for ANAFI Ai media. The viewer supports both streamed (RTP/RTSP) and recorded (MP4) videos, on Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. PDrAW comes as a library (libpdraw), a wrapper library (libpdraw-backend), and a standalone executable (pdraw).

PDrAW also manage video metadata. On ANAFI Ai, both the streamed and the recorded video embed metadata that are publicly accessible and documented, allowing advanced processing of aerial videos.

C.A.D. Models

We make available a 3D model of our drones to integrate into your CAD project for rapid prototyping and accessories integration.

MAVLink and GUTMA compatibility

ANAFI Ai is compatible with the open-source standard MAVLink v1 protocol, allowing for real-time data exchange between the UAV and a control station. ANAFI Ai can be flown manually or using automatic flight planning from MAVLink compatible base station, such as QGroundControl.

ANAFI Ai is compatible with the open-source GUTMA standard protocol for flight data. The Global UTM Association is a consortium of major players in the field of airspace traffic management.

Logo Global UTL association