As part of our Open Ecosystem, Parrot provides 3D models of our drones and controllers.​

These can be used for accessories 3D printing or additive manufactoring. You can directly download our iPad Pro holder for Skycontroller 4. You can also create your own drone accessory and share it with the community.​​

C.A.D. Modeling usage examples with Parrot drones​

iPad Pro holder for ANAFI Ai​ drone

The iPad Pro holder 3D file is ​available for 3D printing. It is designed for 11’ and 12,9’ tablets.​ Using the iPad Pro improves the flight experience with ANAFI Ai. It allows you to see both clearly the video streaming and the drone position on the map.​

Adding lights to ANAFI USA drone​​

FoxFury used our 3D files to create lighting solutions for drones.​


The intuitive saddle mounting system and the lights provide up to 80 minutes light with self-contained LiPo batteries.​

Creating a drone recharging station for ANAFI USA​ drone

Hoverseen used our 3D files to create induction charging accessoy for ANAFI USA.​​​


This allows to create an automated drone-in-a-box surveillance solution capable of dispatching and charging itself from lightweight docking and recharging stations.​

Download 3D Controller files​