The ANAFI USA drone is changing the game in tower inspection from the quality, safety and efficiency perspectives.


From communication companies with cell and radio towers to other industries that utilize towers as part of their daily operations, time-consuming maintenance and preliminary surveys are a regular and frequent occurrence.


When it comes to tower surveys, Parrot’s ANAFI USA drone can help provide your team with valuable information as its thermal imaging and 32x zoom capabilities easily allow workers to identify equipment serial numbers, confirm permanent installations, detect system failures, or even find structural damage following a hurricane for example. The powerful zoom also enables operators to complete safely their inspections without being caught in the interferences of the tower. Dangerous and time-consuming tower climbing is no longer necessary.

In some instances, towers can differ structurally from one place to another. Having the ability to do precise 3D mapping with Pix4Dmapper is also a valuable tool to provide clients an understanding of the structure, the equipment needs, in addition to valuable measures.


As an IP53 qualified drone, ANAFI USA is also built for missions in the toughest flight conditions, offering weatherproofing with water and dust resistance. Its stabilized imaging ensures high-quality footage at great heights, even at 15 m/s wind conditions.

Key features

  • Thermal imaging
  • 32x zoom
  • IP53
  • Pix4Dmapper ready
  • 32-minute flight time