The ANAFI USA drone vastly improves the powerline inspection process for those in the power and utility industries.


For power and utility companies, regular powerline inspections and timely maintenance are crucial to keeping costs down and restoring electricity quickly. Most power grid operators today rely on a combination of on-the-ground staff and low-flying helicopters to inspect their power lines — both of which can be expensive, time-consuming and dependent on optimal weather conditions.


Professional-grade drones, like Parrot’s ANAFI USA, are rapidly being adopted by energy and utility companies to easily conduct infrared equipment inspections, survey storm damage, and inspect power lines. Parrot ANAFI USA serves as an easy-to-use tool to conduct these regular inspections faster and at a reduced cost. Its powerful 32x zoom also enables professionals to precisely and securely inspect the power lines without the risk of getting caught in the electric arc.

While on-the-ground inspections are slow-moving and the cost of helicopters (which can run more than $2 million to purchase or around $4,000 daily) can be steep, our customers in the power and utility industry have found our weather-proof ANAFI USA drones to greatly reduce the cost of inspections while also reducing overall safety risks for professionals. The adjustable altitude and flying distance, along with advanced sensors, 32x zoom capabilities and 32-minute flight time make ANAFI USA extremely useful for surveying large-scale utility projects in any terrain.

Key features

  • 32x zoom
  • IP53
  • 32-minute flight time
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Time & cost effective