How to make a call

To make a call using voice recognition


Press the green button or say "Minikit" if you have activated magic words for outgoing calls.

> The hands-free kit asks you for the name of the contact that you wish to call.


Say the name of the contact.

> The call to this contact starts automatically if the voice command has been correctly understood.


If needed, confirm by saying "yes" or "call". In the event of an error, say "Cancel".


To call a contact from the contact list


Press the dial and select the "Contact List" option.


Select a letter and press the dial.

> Once the contact has been chosen, press the green button to start a call to the default number. You can use the dial to choose between the contact's various numbers.            


Calling a new contact


If the contact that you wish to call is not in the contact list of the phone connected to Parrot Minikit Neo, stop your vehicle then make the call from your phone.            


Using the SIRI function

If you are using Parrot Minikit Neo with an iPhone that supports the SIRI function, say the magic word "Hello Siri" to start the phone's voice recognition function and the corresponding app.    


Update : 15/10/2018
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